Leslie Marsh is a pathological director who has been incessantly churning out videos for the last decade. His obsession has dragged him across every continent and he has produced on nearly every conceivable platform from iPhone to Cinema. Leslie’s documentaries and short films have screened and won prizes across the world including the Italian International Film Festival and the Canadian.

His TV series Being Dad has been thrashed ad nauseum on UK TV and the US counter part is being released at the moment. Leslie has recently directed a series of commercials for the ABC and just finished a music video for Lanie Lane that won Rage Clip of the Week!

Leslie worked eight years for PNMG as an editor, DOP and director, including two years as Creative Director. Leslie still edits most of his own work and shoots a lot as well.

Leslie’s extra curricular activities involve writing a monthly column for Encore magazine, tutoring at Metro Screen, volunteering at the TRIUMPH Refugee Film Makers courses and volunteering at TVS and FBi Radio. Leslie enjoys drumming, maths, tying knots, dancing, playing soccer and writing in third person.